Homesick Tape & 7”

Out now !

Sophomore 7” release by Wasted Pido that sticks your feets into muddy ground again. More focused than his previous trashy stuff this time our man give us a couple of amazing tracks full of sickness and yearning.
Rock’n’Roll Nurse moves like a windy and dreamy country western ballad fallen in the lazy steel guitar of Klaus Koti aka O Lendário Chucrobillyman. So sick as sexy, backed with a great rendition of the R.L. Burnside’s instant-classic Skinny Woman with a scuzzy juke joint way in vein.
We gonna pitch a wang dang doodle all night long baby! Don’t fuck around before it’s too late. Wasted Pido is back now with his astonishing stuff. (Mr. Capinch)

Hand drawing xylography artwork by Istanbul illustrator Yaprak Kirdok

7” Out now on Dead Music /Rotten Babuino Entertainment + tape version with 10 new songs on Fat Boys Don’t Cry/Rotten Babuino, write at or visit my Bancamp Page 

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