Curitiba, Lado B 17/08/14

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Caxias Do Sul, Mississippi Delta Blues Bar 12/08/14

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Rodoviaria Cowboys Boteco Tour: Caxias – Jaraguà – Curitiba

Rodoviara Cowboys goes Kuritiba

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Rodiviaria Cowboys Boteco Tour: Porto Alegre – Chapecò – Porto Alegre

Rodoviaria Cowboys ! touring south of Brasil by bus with O Lendario Chucrobillyman

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One Man Band Battle, Formigueiro Rock Bar, São Paulo 27/07/14

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20/07 luglio Festival de Monobandas – Sao Paulo w/ Faboulous Go Go Boy from Alabama, Extreme Blues Dog, Bloody Mary

27/07 luglio Formigueiro – Sao Paulo w/Extreme Blues Dog

02/08 agosto – Fest Inverno at Lolitas – Curitiba w/ O Lendario Chucrobillyman, Thee Undead

06/08 agosto Frankenhaus Tattoo Parlour – Porto Alegre  w/ O Lendario Chucrobillyman

08/08 agosto – Chapecó w/ O lendario Chucrobillyman

10/08 agosto – SESC Caxias Do Sul Moisés Oliveira w/ O Lendario Chucrobillyman

12/08 agosto – Mississipi Bar – Caxias do Sul w/ O Lendario Chucrobillyman, Duo Ruim

14/08 agosto – Blackbird – Jaraguà Do Sul w/ Chuck Violence

15/08 agosto – Dama Dame – Curitiba w/ O Lendario Chucrobillyman, Chuck Violence, Thee Undead

17/08 agosto – Domingo Lado B – Curitiba w/ O Lendario Chucrobillyman

28/08 agosto – Goiania w/ Bang Bang Babies

05/09 settembre -Astronete – Sao Paulo

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Festival De Monobandas na Brasiliandia, São Paulo 20/07/14

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wasted_tytuts_2pic by Elena


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gomez sessions

heavy shit improvisation at caffeine studio.

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back to brasil

I’m back in Brasil until September! i’m staying at the Caffeine Sound Studio for few more days…


Next gig will be 29/05 at Associação Cecília, Rua Vitorino Carmilo, 449 – Santa Cecília, 01153-000 San Paolo, with THE HUMAN TRASH (here the fb event) – u yeah !!!

Also, in these days i decided to release demo songs i recorded at home in the last months… all are in free download (and you can find ’em also looking around this blog), they show what the hell i was doing when i was back in Venice, and what the hell i will play in Brasil next.



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new sounds

in the last months in Venice i worked in my wasted studios producing sounds on the Tascam 4-track tape recorder…




here is a new song, “one you don’t know” with Thee Mysterious Asthmatic Avenger on banjo. This one is recorded with a Sony TCM-737mono tape recorder.

the tape was ending while we were improvising this stomp…

here’s a couple of tracks of weird electro surf boogie with Silva – Phill Reynolds on guitar

this is a wild 12-minutes mind blowing experimental doomed eko ritmo-20 electro fuzz noise shit with Gabriele Bob LNGGRL 

last but not least, pompous and self-referenced lo-fi heavy fuzz blues metal punk – Warriors of the Wasteland with Bruno Gourdo on guitar and voice

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May 2014 gigs

Fri 02 Via Roma 17, Dueville, Vicenza + Bruno Gourdo

Fri 09 Charleston Clothing Division. Dolo (Ve)

Fri 16 Rivolta, Marghera (Ve) + Tytus

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asthmatic sessions

One track from the recording sessions with Thee Mysterious Asthmatic avenger – Wasted Studios, Venice April 2014

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Xtreme Blues Dog & Wasted Pido live at Lepa Žoga


Wednesday 23 April 2014 – Xtreme Blues Dog & Wasted Pido live at Lepa Žoga, Celovška 43, 1000 Ljubljana

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Mariscal Sessions Tape

elena_brasil_scan 3

The Mariscal Sessions photograph the meeting of three musicians in a common unexplored territory, a musical Wild West result of extemporaneous improvisations and lo-fi recordings.

O Lendario Chucrobillyman (steel guitar, vocals, guitar caipira, percussion) from Curitiba, Gispy Rufina  (banjo, acoustic guitar, vocals) of Rieti, Wasted Pido (fuzz guitar) from Venice, met in the Mariscal desert to write the soundtrack of a race with no future and destination on an old jeep in the middle of a jungle that is burning.

The Soundtrack is out on a Lagarto Tape – Edition of 50 C20 chrome tape in a custom hand made 250 gr. cardboard case. Comes inside a plastic envelope with the 30-pages zine “LAGARTO TAIL – The Mariscal Sessions Listening Guide” illustrated by Davide Kaya Salmaso and Klaus Koti with photos by Elena Chiusso and texts by Wasted Pido.

edited by Daria Andreetta for Rotten Babuino Tapes, 19/04/14 for all car provided with cassette-player.

find out more on

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wasted pido live ex-ospizio occupato 1.4.2014

Extract from the live performance at the Ospizio Occupato, Venice, 01/04/2014

recorded with a Sony TCM-737 cassette recorder

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Gipsy Rufina feat. Wasted Pido live da Fifo sabato 15.03.14

Gipsy Rufina suona da Fifo – Profondo Rosso – Fondamenta Ormesini Cannaregio 2839 Venezia  per l’occasione verrà accompagnato alla steel guitar da Wasted Pido


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